Our Engineering Strength

Our Engineering Strength:

To Support for the development and promote better living standard to Pre Engineering Steel structure building in Vietnam with International standard Technology.

To build steel manufacturing plants in co-operation with smooth and speedy distributions, in profits, less cost and of high quality.

To construct and build in safe and in reliability with high standard technologies and in designs.

Designing and installing and building to full satisfaction of our customers. We employed according to the law in work zones the rules in health and safety. We offer the highest services to our customers. We, the 45 of our highly competent and experienced engineers of BRS offers you the free constulations, advices and planning at most resonable rates and services in very short period.


Bagan Royal Star:

BRS plays a deliberate and active role in converting complex and expensive conventional steel buildings design into simpler and more economically designed per-engineered steel buildings withour sacrificing the utility and function of these buildings.

BRS design calculations are comprehensive yet easy to understand. Explanations and references precede every part of the calcultions to enable consultants worldwide, to understand every.

BRS has expended and diversified into construction, Investigation, Industry and Trading sectors. The family of BRS of companies comprising four independent business units, they are

Bagan Royal Star Construction

BRS Sheeting Factory

Myanmar Bagan Trading

Technical World Myanmar